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EMD provides a variety of courses to help get you back into employment, including Traineeships, Sector Based Work Academies and Apprenticeships.

We will work closely with you to work out which course is right for you and your circumstances.

Whether it’s upskilling, experience, specific vocational qualifications or simply confidence building that you need, we can help.

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“The help, support and confidence that everyone at EMD instills into you makes all the difference… The experience I have gained and the on- going support that EMD are still providing as well as the continued training is amazing and I honestly can’t thank them enough.”

“I owe my new job to the patience and dedication of the EMD tutors and staff, who have helped me achieve my goals and gave me an opportunity to work with them. My confidence has grown enormously and the continued support and training they are giving me has set me up with a career for life.”

“The help you get from EMD is really good, I was struggling a lot with maths and got extra support and could go in any time to go over things. Small class sizes are really good too because you can get extra help. The security training was brilliant too, I recommend the course to anyone who will listen.”

“The tutors and staff at EMD were fantastic and very supportive, working in small close knit groups made it feel like a family and they were so friendly. I got to meet people I wouldn’t normally have met and gained a new social connection that I found I was lacking. I think being there and gaining the confidence that I did has helped me, especially in the job that I am starting now as a mental health care worker.”

“The continued support and advice that everyone at EMD UK is giving me and the support of my colleagues and managers who work closely with EMD UK on my Apprenticeship continue to help me with my ongoing qualifications and career.”