Advanced Learner Loans

Are you aged 19 or above?

Do you want to improve your career prospects?

Do you want a course with no upfront fees?

If you are aged 19+, you may be eligible to undertake a Level 3 or Level 4 qualification using an Advanced Learning Loan.

How will this benefit me?

Taking out an Advanced Learning Loan has many advantages:

  • Enable you to gain employment, change career or further your current career
  • Increase your chances of promotion and pay rise
  • Strengthen your CV and provide you with a recognised Level 3 or 4 qualification
  • Don’t pay anything at the start of the course

You won’t repay the loan until you’ve completed your course and are earning £21,000 per year – and then you pay only a small percentage back. For example if you earn £22,000 per year you only pay back £7 per month.

Not means-tested
No credit checks
No upper age limit

Am I eligible?

Regardless of your current employment status, you can apply if the course is Approved, a Level 3 or 4 and:

You are aged 24 or over
You are resident in the UK

What will I get?

The minimum loan you can get is £300 and you don’t have to borrow the full cost of your course – you can pay for some of it yourself if you prefer.

When will I pay the loan back?

You’ll only begin to pay back your learning loan in the April after you finish the course. Repayments don’t start until you are earning more than £21,000 per year. Example:

Salary (before tax) Approx. Monthly Salary Monthly Repayment
Up to £21,000 £1,750.00 £0.00
£22,000 £1,833.00 £7.00
£25,000 £2,083.00 £30.00
£30,000 £2,500.00 £67.00

What about the interest rate?

The 24+ Advanced Learning Loan offers a very low rate of interest, much cheaper than other types of loan:

While studying/until the April after you complete Rate of inflation (Retail Price Index) plus 3%
£21,000 or less Rate of inflation
£21,000 to £41,000 Rate of inflation plus up to 3%
£41,000 and over Rate of inflation plus 3%

Making repayments

From April 2016, if you’re an employee, your employer will work out your repayments and take them out of your salary with your tax. No direct debits or monthly bills to keep on top of. If you’re self-employed, you make repayments as part of your Self-Assessment tax return. You can pay some, or all, of your loan off at any time without an extra charge.

What if I don’t have a job for a while or I take a career break?

The loan is suspended and only starts again when you earn over £21,000 again.

Are Loans ever written off?

Yes, outstanding loan balances are written off:

  • After 30 years
  • On retirement (on pension)
  • On death (no family liability)

Loans are also written off when you complete a higher education course.

How do I apply?

  • Check with EMD UK LTD that the course you wish to undertake qualifies for a Learning Loan
  • We will provide you with a ‘Learning and Funding Information Letter’ containing the details about the course.
  • Apply online – you’ll need to register first. If you can’t apply online you can download the forms and send them by post.
  • You’ll get a letter confirming your loan – usually within 2 weeks if you apply online

For more information, contact a member of our team
on 0113 249 4369 We will be more than happy to help!

If you are unsure about taking out a loan and want to seek independent
financial advice, The Money Advice Service is a free and independent
financial advice service established by the Government and will be able to
provide you with help and advice. Visit their website at