Working in Partnership with EMD UK Ltd

As a training provider, we rely on successful partnerships to deliver an effective, quality service to our learners, businesses and funding organisations. We have effectively demonstrated the delivery of quality training in the following regions.

  • Yorkshire & the Humber
  • North East
  • North West
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
  • London

With the flexibility to react quickly to requests from existing and new partners are able to “hit the ground running” across the UK

Our network of partners includes organisations from the public, private and community sectors as well as specialist groups such as union learning representatives and support groups for those clients who require additional assistance to achieve their goals.

Through our service to business we are constantly striving to engage with new partners to meet local business and community needs working closely with Jobcentre Plus, Skills Funding Agency, local authorities, further education colleges, schools, local network groups and other training providers.

Our diverse work has included working with local colleges and Jobcentre Plus to assist unemployed individuals and those who have recently been , or are about to be made redundant, offering them made pre employability skills, vocational qualifications and a guaranteed job interview.

Working sub regionally with local community groups, other training providers and 16-18 year olds who need additional support to re-engage.

Assisting local businesses to provide bespoke English speaking classes and qualifications.

Delivering mandatory and bespoke in-house company packages of learning in the evening and at weekends to meet business requirements.

Assisting employers to access the skills enhancement fund to develop their workforce and delivering vocational learning in house to meet business and learner needs.



I work at RETAS Leeds as a project coordinator on a settlement programme, alongside providing advice and guidance to clients on education and employment. RETAS is a charity where we support refugees and asylum seekers with education and employment issues.

All staff members at RETAS undertook a Level 3 Certificate in Learning and Development and I completed in May 2015.

The training has had a significant impact on my current role. It has noticeably improved the support I was able to give to clients and the techniques I employed to ensure I was delivering relevant and effective training.

The strongest part of the course for myself was the quality of my tutor who was able to sit with me at regular times and support my development on an individual basis. The course felt like it was designed around my needs, and was flexible enough to ensure that I was able to study new material alongside improving my current delivery.

The training has improved my confidence in delivering training, and I have no doubt that this is a result of my ability in the classroom improving.

As a result of undertaking the training, I have been able to progress in my career and have recently accepted a job offer working with a large sports charity. My role will be to deliver functional Maths and English, employment skills and healthy living training to young people alongside providing advice and guidance around these issues.

I strongly believe that I would not have been offered this job had I not been through this qualification with EMD over the previous year.

I would like to continue developing my teaching skills and providing an excellent level of delivery to my students. This qualification has contributed greatly to this ambition as I move into this new role and has given me a desire and enthusiasm to continue my learning and development.

I would like to express my gratitude towards EMD for being able to deliver a flexible and relevant certificate to myself and my colleagues.

Chris Davies – Project Coordinator



I work at Path Yorkshire as a Social Events and Employability Coordinator. My role involves working on funded projects, such as the ESOL (EIF funded) project. This project involved working with third country national women on a one to one basis, offering IAG sessions during their employability modules as part of their ESOL programme. Another component was to take them out on integrational visits, so my role was to plan, organise, and deliver the social visits.

I undertook the NVQ Level 3 Advice and Guidance course in September 2014 to enable me to effectively use my one to one sessions, and to improve the quality of service Path Yorkshire offers its clients, I completed this course in March 2015.

Undertaking the course has made me realise the importance of a thorough IAG experience for each client and a lot of the aspects covered in the course are part of our day to day delivery.

The course has highlighted these points, and allowed me to embed them in line with the quality standards of our business, hence making a positive impact on my role, as well as enhancing future prospects. It has also improved my confidence in the knowledge that I’m working in line with a required specification to my role.

Since the completion of my course I have gone on further to do a progression unit, which I gained the confidence to undertake since the completion of level 3. I have also registered further with EMD to study towards the Level 4 Diploma in IAG this year.

I feel the staff at EMD have been amazing throughout the study programme, the support offered has added value to the teaching and learning aspect of the course

Ishrat Nasir – Social Events and Employability Coordinator

PATH Yorkshire


I work at Inspired Neighbourhoods – which is a community interest company – as an Employment Link Worker. As part of my role, it was essential that I was qualified at level 3 in Advice and Guidance

Completing this course with EMD has made me more aware of rules and regulations and how to deal with clients better than before, for example, if there is a sensitive issue, being IAG level 3 qualified has given me the confidence to treat matters more effectively.

It has been a pleasure working with our tutor, Linda McHugh. The course itself has been easy to follow and Linda has helped me thoroughly when necessary.

Kanwal Hussain – Employment Link Worker

Inspired Neighbourhoods Community Interest Company


I work for Teamsearch, who are a complete data collection partner, supporting over 60 Market Research agencies in providing extremely competitive, high quality senior led fieldwork solutions. Our specialist international consumer and business, healthcare and recruitment teams undertake thousands of CATI & online interviews each and every week. We employ approx. 120 staff led by 4 team leaders of which I am one.

I undertook a 1 day Leadership & Management Workshop delivered by EMD UK Ltd and funded by the European Social Fund through Calderdale College.

The training has had a direct impact on current my job role and provided a foundation to management training. The Workshop has given me an understanding of the complexities and differing skills required to operate as a leader and/or manager and shown me the differences. I have a clear understanding of business strategies and goals and the relevance of setting SMART team targets and objectives. I now have more confidence having been provided with new and additional skills and knowledge.

Based on information provided at the Workshop, I have researched further accredited management training to progress my career further. Whilst I am still doing the same job role, the Workshop has given me the skills to do it in a smarter way and with a greater understanding providing the grounding for a more senior position. It has made me understand the diverse and complex issues of managing a business and all aspects such as strategy and managing people which form part of the role.

The Leadership & Management Workshop was invaluable and has shown me new areas of opportunity which I can now build on as well as providing me with skills and knowledge which can be implemented immediately. Thank you.

Mark Briggs – Project Manager



S.A.M Solutions 24/7 were presented with the opportunity to offer their workforce funded NVQ qualifications through the Skills Support for the Workforce project by EMD UK.

We encouraged our staff to take the opportunity to enhance their qualifications and to improve their performance in their jobs.

EMD UK ensured each individual’s training was tailored to their specific needs, both within their job role and their personal learning styles.

They managed the programme “Level 4 Diploma – Learning and Development [QCF]” efficiently and all our staff not only enjoyed the ongoing work based training but they were delighted to receive their certificates on the successful completion of the qualification.

The results of working with EMD UK have been fantastic. Every candidate is more productive and more motivated in their job within the company. The benefits to us as a company have been tangible and we are already looking to utilise the other services available through EMD UK including their newly developed courses which we are happy to self-fund if needed.

EMD UK are professional and proactive and I would not hesitate to recommend them to another company. S.A.M Solutions 24/7 are pleased that we will be working closely with EMD UK in the near future to support the continued professional development of our entire workforce.

Samuel Ashmore – Director

SAM Solutions 24/7


At least one staff member at each project we manage has achieved the Level 3 IAG and some have progressed to level 4. This makes a huge difference to LHC in that it tangibly improves the service frontline staff provide to clients. Additionally it improves LHC ability to bid for services where IAG qualified staff are pre-requisite and it benefits the staff themselves who have gained a relevant set of skills that they can employ within LHC and that can help them in their career progression.

It has been a successful partnership working with EMD – they have had a joint approach to problem-solving and have been extremely flexible and responsive in the way they have delivered the training to staff.

Sharon Brown – Senior Manager

I am a centre manager at The Gateway Community Centre in the centre of Ravenscliffe, a deprived area of Bradford. The aim of the centre is to support the local community to improve their health and wellbeing. I undertook Level 2 English and Level 1 Maths.

The training was a good experience for me as it reinforced my confidence in my knowledge and ability. It also enabled me to have empathy for service users undertaking courses and concerns

I felt the tutor adapted the training sessions to the candidates and let us set the pace.

Maureen Holmes – Centre Manager

The Gateway Community Centre, Ravenscliffe Community Association


I am the Director of Brontel, a telecommunications company who specialise in business installations.

I undertook a course in Maths and English, Functional Skills at Level 2.

The course helped me with using different terms and methods, picking up on how my understanding of Maths and English has changed over time. Doing some extended work into cost/income projections and conversions showed some alternatives to my current methods. It was also helpful to see what another set of eyes thought about the way I communicated, making some minor changes to my writing and ensuring my language is clear has been a bonus.

If there is a difference besides the immediate one, I would say that I can see how others would learn things in a different way to myself and our other Director, Phil. That has an effect in work. I am more aware of how certain aspects may be easier for me to understand compared to others and vice versa.

The best thing had to be the work on percentages because I was already good at it. Has it improved my confidence? I would say it has confirmed it.

Michael Jordan – Director


If you would like to work in partnership with us, please get in touch and let’s see how we can work together