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English Language Tests:

EMD offers a range of City & Guild’s English Language assessments which are available at the following levels:

  • Preliminary (equivalent to A1 Breakthrough on the Common European Framework)
  • Access (equivalent to A2 Waystage on the Common European Framework)
  • Achiever (equivalent to B1 Threshold on the Common European Framework)
  • Communicator (equivalent to B2 Vantage on the Common European Framework)
  • Expert (equivalent to C1 EOP on the Common European Framework)
  • Mastery (equivalent to C2 Mastery on the Common European Framework).

All the assessments are fully approved by the Home Office for the purpose of points based visa applications.

All the assessments consist of two components: International Spoken ESOL (speaking) and International ESOL (reading, writing, and listening).

International Spoken ESOL is an oral examination consisting of a one-to-one interview conducted by an interlocutor appointed by the centre. The interlocutor must be a suitably qualified and experienced teacher of English. The examination is recorded and the tapes/CDs are sent for detailed assessment by an experienced examiner.

International ESOL is a written examination designed to test the following three skills: listening, reading, and writing. This component is also assessed by an experienced examiner.

We also offer a Speaking and Listening only assessment at Preliminary (A1) level, which you will need if you apply for a visa as either a spouse or a partner. This assessment consists of speaking and listening test only – you will not have to take the reading or the writing component to obtain full certificate.

A1 & A2 Tests
A1 & A2 Tests 
B1 & B2 Tests
B1 & B2 Tests
C1 & C2 Tests
C1 & C2 Tests